What is Vetlaunched.com?

VL is a place where vets can come and get the support they need to start a business.

You might say, “There are lots of places to go for business startup information.”, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But the difference comes in the VALUE of that information and if it can help YOU start your business.

If you have a list of business resources, some tools, and a business strategy…but no one to give you practical advice on how to implement it all, what good are they?

I’ve started and run some businesses in the last 25+ years. I know what it means to bootstrap a business. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with all the different hats it takes to run a business. I know customer acquisition is hard. I know that entrepreneurship can be a lonely place.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can get started faster, find the right tools for the job and understand how it all fits together…right here.

You can read articles that can shed light on best business practices.

Get coached on:
-how to set goals
-find resources
-how to find more customers
-customer value
-business strategy
-how to determine costs/prices
-build business models
-improve value propositions
-market to profitable customers
-create website content that matters
-and many other business startup topics

You can even watch an online video course (at your own pace) to get an overview of the startup process. Everything from pre-launch tactics to business plans and customer/product fit.

FREE Tool Kit - 60+ resources your business can use now!

Don't get lost in a crowd

Get the startup and growth information you need.
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