18Feb 2016

(Plus, 8 entrepreneurs answer 2 growth questions)

Strategy is a daunting word. It strikes fear in the greatest of companies. Why is that?

I think it boils down to the unknown. Will you be able to find a good strategy? Will people inside your company adopt it? Will customers understand it? Will you be able to keep it going?

These are all valid questions. So here are 5 potential reasons why you might need to rethink your company strategy…because no one wants to Continue reading

31Jan 2016

How an explainer video made the grade.

Show of hands…who likes bad marketing? On TV, I thank the tech-gods every day for DVR’s! There are just some ads that I cannot bear to watch.

And with that certain end-of-season football game coming up, there will be tons of discussion about the ads that come on during the game.

Funny thing is, many of us (unless it’s just me) might remember a commercial being funny, but forget what the product or company was in the first place. So are they good ads? Let’s assume that you can’t afford to drop 5 Mil on a 0:30 ad during that game, either. So what should we do?

First of all, WHERE you promote your ad (TV, blog post, FB, YouTube etc.) is very important. It sounds overly simple. But be sure to promote it Continue reading

14Jan 2016

(Think: Relationships and EOU)

Ok, so maybe I just made up the acronym EOU: Ease Of Use. But between relationships and EOU, they rate pretty high on my “I need that in my CRM” scale.

It takes about a million and one tools to run a business. Everything from advertising to zip ties (What?…we all don’t use zip ties…surely some do). And one of the most important tools you’ll need is Continue reading

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