26Feb 2015
Online Learning Survey

How do vets prefer to learn online?

The “How do veterans learn online?” survey.

Online learning classes, courses, certifications and training are everywhere.

With online learning, entrepreneurs can get a lot of great information not otherwise available. But not everyone prefers to learn the same way.

The bottom line…YOUR input is needed. In less time than it takes to pop some popcorn, you can complete this short survey.

Because this is about veterans helping veterans. Veteran owned businesses and organizations put this survey together in an effort to better understand how you view online learning.

Please spend a minute to support veteran owned businesses. Take the short survey here.


03Feb 2015
Benefits vs Features

Benefits vs Features

I recently bought a new camper.

My wife and I enjoy weekend camping and our current camper wasn’t meeting our needs anymore.

So I started the search for one that we would enjoy more. Since there are about a million different kinds of campers, I had to narrow the search.

Most websites Continue reading

06Jan 2015
Cash for my business

Cash for my business – 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc

Ok, so 2014 is behind us. But how many times in the last year have you said something like this?

– If only I could get more money for my business.
– I have too much debt, but my business needs cash.
– Where am I going to find funds to meet overhead and payroll next month?

In investing, Warren Buffet is famous for the quote “Rule 1: Never lose money, Rule 2: Never forget rule #1.” Maybe we need to start treating our business more like an investment!

Money is one of the top reasons that Continue reading

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