21Jul 2014
naming your business

Naming Your Business

Company names

fascinate me. Some are so creative and some are just plain annoying.

I saw my all-time favorite on an old, rundown looking building in Kentucky when I was traveling to a BBQ competition…“Dehart Bible & Tire”. I should have gone in and looked around!

So, besides Mr. Dehart’s odd combo, can you spot the potential problems with any of these? Continue reading

14Jul 2014
time management

Time Management – aluedt via photopin

We all have the same amount.
We have all lost pieces of it.
But, to be certain, we’ll never get any of it back.


Like a lot of people I have a DVR. And aside from being able to skip those boring commercials, it allows me to watch what I want to watch…WHEN I want to watch it. I can’t imagine being forced to sit down from 8:00-9:00 to watch my favorite show. I can pause it, skip forward or rewind if I fall asleep. (yeah, like I’m the only one!)

So it doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a large company or the sole proprietor of part time business…we all have Continue reading

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