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Online Video Courses

The Online Learning Survey

Well, the results are in. There was a great response for the Online Learning Survey conducted last month. And Jeremy from California was the winner of the Survival Bracelet from OscarMike.

As suspected, there was a pretty good mix of opinions on what was the “best” way to learn. However, there were some definite standouts. The number one preferred form of learning is the online video course. All of the methods, ranked most preferred to least, were:

  1. Watching a video at my own pace
  2. Having reference material to download or print
  3. Joining membership sites that offer various formats
  4. Participating in a live webinar
  5. Listening to a podcast

Most people cited having the ability to “go back” or “review” material at their own pace as being important. Other methods that were not a listed option that people commented on were:

  1. Having a mentor
  2. Hands on training
  3. In-person lectures

Aspects of learning that turned people off were:

  1. Time specific webinars
  2. Listening to redundant, long winded, dull or boring speakers (live or video)
  3. No interaction with other students

The percentage of people that have paid for online learning in the past:

  1. 23% – Self-paced video courses
  2. 21% – Text/reading courses
  3. 19% – Never paid for a courses
  4. 15% – Webinars
  5. 13% – Membership sites
  6. 9% – Podcast/audio based courses

Thank you everyone that participated and for the following organizations that helped spread the word.

Army Wife Network
Command Your Business

Hire Our Hero
Military Spouse Business Assoc
The Military Guide
Tutors by Base

If you have questions or comments about the survey, I invite you to email me.

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